To tell you about how we started, we have the honour and privilege to present Dr Denis Baird, founder of Meals on Wheels Community Services. 

The purpose at that time (in 1964) was to provide meals to the elderly in the community. The programme has since then evolved into a national programme targeting the poorest of the poor and vulnerable persons in South Africa.

In September 2009 Meals on Wheels Community Services received their new Non-Profit Organisation registration certificate; all six area offices also received their NPO registration certificates by October 2009. The new National Director was appointed in July 2009.

Meals on Wheels Community Services affiliates range from well established; financially well supported to truly poor. These affiliates render service from one day per week to five days per week – depending on the need of the community and the funding that is available.

One of the first vehicles at the first branch in East London, 1964

The "Wheels that deliver the Meals" -Mr Justin Mangan (Peugeot Pinetown)