Photograph provided by Gershon Naidoo

Since 1964, Meals on Wheels Community Services has aimed to serve the basic needs of the poorest of the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and the elderly in society.


Our Mission

“Transforming lives through Charity in Motion”


OUR Vision

“A Hunger Free South Africa”


About Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Community Services South Africa (MOWCS SA) is a fully fledged and recogonised non profit organization that believes that hunger is the extreme materialization of poverty and human deprivation.

MOWCS SA is currently operating from six Area Offices, serving the Nine Provinces of South Africa through 210 community Kitchens. The prepared meals are delivered with our fleet of 280 Meals on Wheels delivery vehicles. Our aim is to serve the basic needs of the poorest of the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and the elderly in society.

Currently we are serving 2 million meals a month to more than 12 million hungry South Africans. 

We are well aware that providing a meal to the poorest of the poor is the first step to mobilizing these individuals for their daily tasks. It is also critical to provide a Basket of Services which compliment the cooked meal provided on a daily basis.

MOWCS SA no longer only serve the elderly in the community. The services continue to evolve to deal with poverty in general in South Africa, focussing on the poorest of the poor. In the case of younger individuals, the ideal would be to provide skills and opportunity for empowerment. These individuals are assisted to become self sustainable over a period of six months to a year. we continue to encourage existing MOWCS branches to expand their services to include Service Centres which addresses the Basket of Services.


Note that all the above-mentioned activities focus on improving the quality of life for our beneficiaries as well as creating additional income.

Due to high incidents of poverty, we have found that younger women with children, orphans and child headed households also need our services. These individuals form part of Multipurpose Centres to address poverty across the board.

MOWCS SA continues to develop new ventures including our "Caregiver Initiative" that provides help wherever help is needed.

Other exciting ventures include our Corporate Social Investment Partnerships and Programs. This has boosted our donor base specifically in terms of perishables and non-perishables. This program allows our corporate investors to make a difference in the lives of the community we serve and assist MOWCS in reaching its vision: A Hunger Free South Africa.

You never forget the face of the person who is your last hope.
— Katniss Evendeen, The Hunger Games

What We've Achieved

  • March 2015 - March 2016 24,6 million meals delivered.
  • 6 dedicated area offices
  • 208 Branches.
  • 512 Services Points. 
  • 10 dedicated Caregivers
  • 10 full fitted  Kitchen Containers Delivered 
  • First ever Cooks Training Programme for our dedicated volunteer cooks.
  • 18 Old Age Homes, 3 safe houses, 4 creches, 2 frail care facilities and 2 hospices under the care of our Caregivers.