Our 50th Celebrations


Meals on Wheels Community Services South Africa is celebrating its 50th Birthday this year. The festivities kicked of in KZN at Collisheen on the 22nd of May 2014. A huge Thank You to all our sponsors who made this event possible. To all our special guests that attended, a bigger Thank You. To Dr Baird the founder of Meals on Wheels, what an honour to have you and your wife Bridgette present. 

Top Gear Festival


Peugeot Pinetown is one of the major sponsors of the TOP GEAR Festival and early this year MOWCS SA was invited to do a presentation to the Commercial Director, Mr. Paul Croft.  Mr. Croft was delighted to hear of Meals On Wheels and immediately, without hesitation, offered  assistance.

 Top Gear gave Meals on Wheels advertising space at the Festival to the value of R640 000.  This included Meals on Wheels signage on a vehicle that drove around the track the whole weekend as well as a free stand.  Peugeot Pinetown assisted MOWCS SA in supplying advertising material for the stand, which included life size posters filling a 6 X 4 meter wall.  10 000 hearts were handed out with the MOWCS SA sms number.

 The benefits of this relationship cannot be calculated…



Nine Peaks

REALLY Country-wide

A group of ladies calling themselves Team Zodwa embarked on an amazing challenge called the NINE PEAKS CHALLENGE.  They wanted this adventure to have some meaning or as they say, “An adventure with a purpose.”

The hoped to raise R 250 000 to assist MOWCS SA to purchase a piece of land in Imbali Pietermaritzburg for a Community Centre and at the same time raise as much awareness as possible.  The challenge consisted of the following:

9 Peaks

9 Provinces

3 Teams

5 Cars

5500 Driving

146 Hiking / Climbing

7 Days

The team received over R 40 000 in pledges. Generous sponsors included:  Landrover Pietermaritzburg, Peugeot Pinetown, GO PRO, First Ascent and Little Miss Mission Impossible.